Florida House District 80

Rep. Lauren Melo, who represents House District 80, is a businesswoman who has flourished in a variety of fields. In 1991, she started her own trucking company which she grew from a single truck into a large fleet, at one point managing more than one hundred trucks. She still has her commercial driver’s license and to this day owns the original truck she used to start the company. Today, Rep. Melo owns a real estate brokerage firm she steered to success even facing a personal health challenge, a year and a half battle with breast cancer, while never taking a break from her management role. During this difficult time, she also faced sending her son overseas to Afghanistan on his first combat deployment in the Army. Today Rep. Melo's brokerage firm remains successful, her health is strong, and her son has returned safely home to the area now as a combat veteran.

Rep. Lauren Melo.jpg