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Florida Trucking Association is one of the oldest and most respected associations in the state—promoting and protecting the trucking industry for almost 90 years. FTA is the sole state liaison between the trucking industry and the legislative, regulatory and judicial branches of state and federal government. 

FTA is one of 50 state trucking associations that is a part of American Trucking Associations. This Federation represents roughly 35,000 member companies and leverages the strength and size of membership in order to develop, advocate, and advance innovative research-based policies that promote highway safety, security, environmental sustainability and profitability.


The Association represents every sector of trucking: from agriculture, auto transport, LTL, private fleets; to companies relying on trucking to move goods; to manufacturers, banking, insurance and law firms that provide services to the industry.



FTA is at the forefront of policy making, regulatory reform, safety practices and technological developments for trucking.

FTA has cultivated strong relationships with federal and state leaders who listen to us and prioritize our needs. We communicate regularly with and have a direct line to the decision-makers


FTA researches your concerns, provides answers, and keeps members updated on important industry issues through verbal and written communications.


FTA provides educational meetings, seminars, workshops and an annual conference featuring sessions on issues important to your business.


FTA is visible. Our voice is heard and we are seen—we are considered the preeminent thought-leaders on trucking issues in Florida. The Association and its members are featured regularly in print, television, podcasts and social media. We are invited to participate in press conferences, roundtable discussions and individual meetings in Capitol offices in Florida and Washington, DC. We are committed to sharing our message so everyone—an elected official, business leaders, prospective trucking employees—knows who we are and what we stand for.

FTA’s members are national and state trucking titans: we represent Fortune-500 corporations; fourth generation family-owned companies; to companies just getting their tires rolling.

FTA has your back. Whether you reach out to staff, or call a fellow member, the FTA family is loyal and committed to success for all.

FTA is a valuable investment. We provide regular opportunities for your employees to engage in activities, whether a technician, driver, manager or CEO.

  • Networking opportunities: regional and statewide meetings

  • Live and virtual educational sessions to share best practices and developments

  • Truck Driving Championships, Vehicle Inspections, Safety Awards

  • Advocacy Days in Tallahassee and Washington, DC

  • Interaction with leaders from other transportation modes

  • Florida Road Team—our professional driver ambassadors for the state

FTA encourages members to get involved. We have multiple committees to engage and mobilize our members, because YOU are the focus.

  • Safety Management Council

  • Technology and Maintenance Council

  • Public Policy Committee

  • Membership Recruitment Committee

  • 2.0 Leadership Class

  • FTA Foundation


FTA is stronger with you. We know the unified voice of many is far more powerful than when we go it alone.

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