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Nothing is more important to the trucking industry than safety.  It is the number one priority for trucking companies and our professional truck drivers.

Florida Trucking Association does not tolerate unsafe behavior or irresponsible trucking companies. Bad actors should not be on the road and should be held accountable. But litigation has become a game—a profit-making business for law firms.

A war is being waged, targeting the trucking industry. Just look on any road in the state, with billboard after billboard advertising big payouts for an accident involving a truck. 

The trucking industry is committed, when a motor carrier acts wrongfully, to fairly compensate the injured and ensure they and those affected are taken care of. But personal injury attorneys are systematically abusing current laws and finding loopholes in the judicial system. This ultimately affects every Floridian.

Major insurance companies are unwilling to provide insurance coverage to motor carriers in Florida—the risk is too great, due to an unhealthy legal system. Trucking companies are forced to pay higher rates, for less insurance and often forced to shut down.


- Professional truck drivers live in every community in Florida, proudly committed to providing us with what we need, safely and efficiently. When their careers are impacted, our world slows down, threatening the supply chain and the economic health of the state.

As Floridians, we all know how important the supply chain is, especially during hurricane season. When trucking companies face higher insurance rates, frequent settlements and inflated jury verdicts, they are unable to increase wages or hire more drivers. This impacts real families and friends in our communities, who share the same goal of getting their loved ones home safely.

- Frivolous lawsuits and abuse of the court system takes money out of the pockets of hard-working Floridians and stuffs the wallets of greedy trial attorneys.

Florida families pay additional $5,065 a year in increased costs on everything--the cost of lawsuit abuse gets passed on. 

- Basic necessities like milk and bread; life-saving supplies like oxygen and medications; and fuel to get you to work, school or out of harm’s way during an emergency end up costing you more.

Everything you use, touch, wear, eat, drive and drive on comes to you by truck. Litigation, outlandish settlements, and verdicts cut into an already narrow profit margin for trucking companies. Motor carriers have no choice but to increase their rates—which gets passed down to every consumer. Inflation due to lawsuit abuse hurts us all. 

Florida Trucking Association is a leader in the fight against lawsuit abuse in 2023. Contact us to see how you can help, or contribute to the FTA PAC.


Commercial auto insurance hasn't turned an underwriting profit since 2010.

Minor incidents are leading to settlements 5X greater than true medical costs, regardless of fault.

Meanwhile, between 2010-2019, social inflation added more than $20 billion to the cost of commercial auto liability claims.

2012 to 2019: Verdicts +$1 million increased 335%

2010 to 2018: The average verdict increased from $2.31 to million to $22.3 million

2010 to 2018: Verdicts grew 51.7% annually

                          Inflation grew 1.7% 
                          Healthcare costs grew 2.9%

Average litigation-related payment size in Florida: $371,719



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