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Our doors are open to anyone interested in joining our growing community. As a Florida Trucking Association member, you’ll have exposure to a vibrant network along with a wealth of knowledge and experience you can’t find anywhere else. Our community is tight-knit, but incredibly welcoming. Check out the options below to learn more.


The mission of Florida Trucking Association’s Safety Management Council (SMC) is to promote safety within and beyond Florida’s motor carrier industry by creating a forum for safety professionals to network, share information about industry best practices, and host educational programs and events. The SMC’s initiatives include the Florida Truck Driving Championships, the Safety Management Council Awards, Voluntary Vehicle Inspections, and driver appreciation events.


The mission of Florida Trucking Association’s Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) is to promote industry best practices and continually improve individual aptitude in technology and maintenance to further trucking equipment and transportation efficiencies across Florida. TMC includes the most respected professionals from multiple sectors of the trucking industry, including fleets, equipment suppliers, and service providers. This strong network joins together to provide FTA members with professional development, networking, and leadership opportunities.


The Women Executive Council and Network (WeCan) promotes and supports the advancement of women in the trucking industry through networking opportunities, professional development and mentorships. WeCan officially launched in 2023 and meets monthly.


The Public Policy Committee (PPC) assists the Board, the CEO, and the organization’s contract lobbyist in developing and promoting an annual public policy agenda.  The committee also advocates for FTA in regulatory, law enforcement, and legislative circles.  Members of the PPC are by invitation only.


The mission of Florida Trucking Association’s Membership Recruitment Committee (MRC) is to grow and retain the Association’s membership. To carry out this mission, the MRC engages prospective and current members through communication strategies and a wide variety of member events. The committee is made up of a diverse group of individuals representing various sectors of the transportation industry, with the common goal of strengthening FTA membership to ensure all members are awarded the highest level of member experience.

This group was formed to help lead FTA into its next iteration: FTA 2.0. The group is made up of an array of executives and company employees of all types. Its purpose is to help educate emerging leaders in the industry to move trucking forward into the next generation.

The FTA Foundation supports highway safety initiatives, organizations and activities that implement these initiatives and programs that enhance the trucking industry's impact in Florida. These include disaster relief efforts, as well as educational and scholarship grants, including the Herman Fauss Scholarship Fund. The FTA Foundation is a 501(c)(3) and was established in 2021.

The FTA PAC was established to advance the advocacy agenda of Florida Trucking Association to contribute to state candidates who are pro-business and supportive of the trucking industry. The FTA PAC solicits voluntary contributions from Association members, trucking companies, and other allied industries who share the FTA PAC’s priorities.

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