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TDC Committee

William Roy, Chair, Walmart Transportation

Kelly McDowell, Oakley Transport

Theresa Broadbent, Landstar Transportation Logistics

Alex Akimenko, FedEx Freight Corporation

Mark Courter, FedEx Freight Corporation

Jim Anderson, Florida Rock & Tank Lines

Jared Fritts, IAT Insurance Group

Laura Lamson, K.L. Breeden and Sons

Daniel Steele, Hancock Whitney

John DeMarco, The Pete Store FL

Mike Cobb, Momentum Transportation USA

David LittlefieldWalmart Transportation

Scott Turnage, Thermo King of Tallahassee

Ralph Cartwright, Retired

Tommy Thomas, Retired

Brian Stephens, Grammer Logistics

Rob Race, Thermo King of Orlando

Jim Desmond, Coastal Carrier Compliance & Consulting, LLC

Ray Lloyd, Coca-Cola Beverages Florida

Larry Hicks, Retired

Gary Hash, Publix Super Markets

Emilio Santiago, Publix Super Markets

Lieutenant Kevin Vaughn, FHP

Captain Amos Santiago, FHP

Scott Reagan, Great West Casualty Company

Avi Figueroa, Publix Super Markets

Tom Serafin, Florida Rock & Tank Lines

Joshua Schleicher, Walmart Transportation

Robert Foskey, UPS

Frank Silio, Oakley Transport

TDC Committee and Volunteers: Text


Kelly McDowell    Oakley Transport

Theresa Broadbent Landstar Transportation Logistics

Alex Akimenko     FedEx Freight Corporation

Mark Courter        FedEx Freight Corporation

William Roy          Walmart Transportation

Jim Anderson       Florida Rock & Tank Lines

Laura Lamson      K.L. Breeden and Sons

Daniel Steele        Hancock Whitney Bank

John DeMarco     The Pete Store FL

Mike Cobb            Momentum Transportation USA

Avi Figuero           Publix Super Markets

David Littlefield   Walmart Transportation

Scott Turnage      Thermo King of Tallahassee

Ralph Cartwright

Tommy Thomas   USI

Brian Stephens    Grammer Logistics

Rob Race              Thermo King of Orlando

Jim Desmond      Coastal Carrier Compliance & Consulting

Jared Fritts           IAT Insurance Group

Ray Lloyd             Coca Cola Florida

Larry Hicks           Retired

Gary Hash             Publix Super Markets

Emilio Santiago    Publix Super Markets

Scott Reagan        Great West Casualty Company

Robert Foskey      UPS

Monica Lucas       Amazon

Bryon Hamilton   Pilot

David Brandos     Stoneridge

Donald Gregory   Lake Trucking

Phil Hackman       Publix Super Markets

Steve Poche         Publix Super Markets

Franeau Etienne  Publix Super Markets

Craig Cohen         Publix Super Markets

Luther Smith        Publix Super Markets

Stephen Hicks      Publix Super Markets

Chad Warren       Publix Super Markets

Sean Johnson      Publix Super Markets

Jeremy Merdock  Publix Super Markets

Favio Cuervo        Publix Super Markets

Rohan Bloomfield Publix Super Markets

Jon Berry              Publix Super Markets

Emilo Santiago     Publix Super Markets

Barry Faircloth      Publix Super Markets

Joey Young           Publix Super Markets

William Lally        Publix Super Markets

Clark Battle          Publix Super Markets

Andrew Boyle      Publix Super Markets

Mary Convey        Sleep Safe

Dave Metcalf        Sun State International

Lamra Quinn        RE Garrison

David Swierenga         Florida Road Team

Paul Cleary                   Florida Road Team

David Shutterly            Florida Road Team

Chevelle Walker          Florida Road Team

Eddie Moody               Florida Road Team

David Germain      Vulcan Supply

Steve Sherman     CVSA Florida

Jorge Lozada       CVSA Florida

Andy Kevin Hadnot   C&S Wholesale

Katie Margoff        SunState Carriers

James Blank         FedEx

Charlie Marrero    FexEx

Judy Marrero        FexEx

Carly Gilmore        FedEx

Ron Williams         Florida Rock & Tank Lines

Michael Cook       Safety First Systems

Brent Coates        Carroll Fulmer Logistics

Joe Delgado         Quality Carriers

Keith Adams         Old Dominion Freight Line

Madison Avery      Coca Cola Florida

Maureen Shell       Coca Cola Florida

Clyde Bodkins       Coca Cola Florida

Chris Esser            Coca Cola Florida

Carola Smith          Frito-Lay

Alex Akimenko       FedEx

Jimmy Swope        FedEx

Isaiah Torres           FedEx

Levi Powell             FedEx

Ronald McMurray  Florida Rock & Tank Lines

Oscar Strauss        Florida Rock & Tank Lines

Lieutenant Kevin Vaughn      Florida Highway Patrol

Captain Amos Santiago         Florida Highway Patrol

Junior Estelus                          Florida Highway Patrol

Michael Fillyaw                        Florida Highway Patrol

Timothy Holden                      Florida Highway Patrol

Jacob McMahan                      Florida Highway Patrol

Bryan Meittinen                       Florida Highway Patrol

Kevin Nelms                             Florida Highway Patrol

Bobby Simmons                      Florida Highway Patrol

Joseph Sims                             Florida Highway Patrol

Paul Thompson                       Florida Highway Patrol

Maurice Vilsaint                       Florida Highway Patrol

TDC Committee and Volunteers: Text


ABF Freight
C&S Wholesale
Centurion Auto Transport
FedEx Freight Corporation
FedEx Ground
Florida Rock & Tank Lines
Grammer Logistics
Landstar Transportation Logistics
Oakley Transport
Old Dominion Freight Line
Proficient Auto Transport
Publix Super Markets
Ruan Transportation
Walmart Transportation
Werner Enterprises
XPO Logistics

TDC Committee and Volunteers: Text
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